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Artisan art since 1994

Born in 1968 Holder of the CAP and BEP of coating paint,  first out of the additional year of school of paris Gambetta  ( GPPF ).  Decorative painting certificate from the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

Silver medal of  the Higher Institute of Decorative Painting paris issued by Yannick Guégan Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Decorative painter for several years at the pad, formerly  " JANSEN"  during which former transmit their know me.

Present in the guide of Crafts of the Chamber of Trade.  participation has several lounges :
living cultural heritage of the carousel du louvre/  salon of the decoration  /  Biennial upholsterers


My experience since 1986 allowed me to develop my sense of responsibility and strong skills.

  • Management of various trades on construction sites
  • Space optimization
  • materials choice
  • specialist in painting and decoration


On my guestbook
Many famous people, presentation of reference on request, only when we met ...